Schools of Salad

Salad leaves have been planted by several schools in South East London and are being tended well, ready to be harvested on June 19th for the Local Greens School Salad bags.  The mixed leaves and edible flowers will be one of the products that goes out in the Local Greens veg bag on June 20th, . Local Greens will buy the salad leaves from school gardening groups, providing income, teaching young people about entrepeneurship, and motivating children to learn new skills in growing vegetables.

They raked the soil to level it and create a fine crumb structure, ideal for the young plants that were then planted and watered in well.  Each child then chose some mixed leaf salad seeds to sow in drills alongside the lettuces.  Liz Myers, the Rosendale School gardening teacher was full of enthusiasm about getting the children outside to garden, and about the opportunity that Local Greens gives them to sell their produce.  She said, “They learn real skills and about where food comes from.  And they get their hands dirty!”

The 9 and 10 year old children at Rosendale School who were planting young lettuces last week said “Eat veg and be healthy!”, “Eat more veg and be the best!” and “Don’t eat sweets, eat salad!”.  We agree, and especially when it is grown within a few miles of where it’s eaten and picked within a day of arriving on your plate.