Why buy local seasonal food?

Eating with the seasons is one of the joys of having a veg bag. Why seasonal vegs? You could go to the supermarket, of course, and buy the veg there. It might look attractive all packaged in its individual plastic wrapper but at what cost to the environment and also taste? They that could have been flown in from overseas.  Do you really need to have French beans all year round, included the ones that have being freighted in from Africa? Nothing beats having fresh UK grown asparagus in May or strawberries in June. The annual delights are well worth the wait.

All our farms are as local as possible to SE London.

You'll be eating food that was harvested in the last few days (even on the day it was picked) rather than 6 weeks ago, which is often the case with supermarket vegetables.

Local Greens’ veg bag scheme supports the local farmers directly, helping them earn a fair price for their produce.

Food that is grown closer to us means transportation is kept to a minimum and less environmental pollution. Food miles are reduced, because your potatoes haven't been flown in from Egypt for example, and then transported around a network of national distribution centres, before going to the supermarket shelves.

Locally produced food can also be fresher, healthier and more nutritious having being spared lengthy periods of storage, chilling and travel.